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Quick intstructions for version 2

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1. Note that in this version you do not have many objects to attach as HUD. For this example, you will only need to wear the Murku 2.0 prim (no need to wear the behavior palette). If everything goes all right, you should see something like this


General interface layout

1. The top left bubble section contains two types of objects: place holders and a library menu that allow a 'place holder' to be changed into the bubble you want.

2. The top section 'bubble & Misc Modifiers' allows any selected object in the center frame to be flipped, zoomed and rotated.

3. The section on the right containts two types of objects: place holders and a library menu that allows a selected place holder to be changed into a misc object of your choice.

Note that a misc object is just any object that is not a bubble.

ok enough talking....


Lesson 1: Creating a bubble with text...

1. Left click on a place holder in the top left section and left click anywhere within the central frame to position it. Selection makes the object goes transparent.

2. Now click on a bubble of your choice in the top left 'Bubble' section.

3. Click on say the zoom button (little square pointing to bigger square button) to zoom up the bubble

4. Next, click on a text place holder in the bottom 'Text' section, then click on the bubble at the center of the frame (this will place the green handle on the bubble)

5. Click on the green square to select it

6. Finally, type in /2 I AM A GREAT TESTER in the chat box. This text will appear in the bubble. Click on the button 'hide text handle' to hide the green square.

7. You may now take a snapshot. Then click on reset all, to bring the HUD back to its original state.



Lesson 2: Adding a misc item

1. Left click on a place holder item in the upper right corner of the HUD. If the place holder is selected it turns transparent.

2. Then click anywhere within the center frame.

3. While item is still selected, click on appropriate menu item (little square with arrow pointing to bigger square) in the top section to zoom it up

4. Finally, try clicking on the menu items in the right box to set your misc item.

5. Take snapshot and click on Reset all to bring everything back to original positions


Lesson 3: Moving a graphics object (bubble, misc, or text)

1. Click on object to select

2. Find the position&color section (bottom right)

3. Click on the compass signs to move the selected object appropriately. Clicking the trianges moves the object in larger steps, clicking the circles moves the object in smaller steps.

You may also choose to move the objects by pressing on keyboard arrow keys..however the avatar will also move and may mess the scene you want to capture.

Arrow keys in causes the selected object to move small dists, With Shift, objects move faster.




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