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Why Murku

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Murku is designed to facilitate the construction of comics based on content in a Second Life TM, ie SL, environment. Murku will be of interest to those who have always dreamt of creating their own comics but who find the drawing of comics either too challenging or too laborious. For example you might create comics by drawing all your content as shown in this clip.


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Or use a few tools in  Second Life and use content from Second Life to create your comics. The skill set gets shifted a bit, but I think comic making becomes more accessible to a wide audience.

Basically, Murku is a HUD (Head Up Display) that is attached to the screen. This hud provides a number of functionalities that will speed up the creation of SL comics. Recent LSL functions that allow the location of a click on a prim has provided the opportunity to improve the usability of the application. Having said that, LSL still has a lot of constraints that currently limits Murku's functionality. Right now, an external screen capture utility, such as ScreenHunter or anything else of your choice, is needed to capture each comic frame once it is finished.

For more information, send an email to deep.semaphore@gmail.com or IM Deep Semaphore in SL.



The Murku layout in the above clip is an old one. We listened to you and compacted it so that it works for a wider range of screen resolutions (thanks Damian Delacroix)

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