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Version Information

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version 1.45


Thanks for choosing MURKU


 More up to date information about MURKU is available at the website:




Send your comments to deep.semaphore@gmail.com, or better, request to become a member of the wiki so that you can share your findings with others.



1. Behavior palette (worn on bottom right)


2. Comix Core (worn on top)


3. Comix menu (worn on top right)


4. Screencapture guide (worn on center 2)- This is OPTIONAL, don't use it if you have a good sense of text & graphics size balance and know how to create frames of exact size, otherwise modify it taste and wear


5. Section labels (worn on center)

Sometimes the attachments (e.g. the 'behavior palette' or the 'comix menu' objects) will not be positioned precisely, right click on the relevant attachments and position them as you would position any HUD object.


How to use the displayboard? 



1. Check if you own the plot of land where you will be rezzing the displayBoard object (if not, you will not be able to use the display board)


2.  Rez the displayBoard object


3. Right click on the land, select 'About land...', then 'media'


4. Make sure that the media type is set to 'Image'.


5. Drag and drop the 'murkudog' texture onto the 'Replace Texture:' box, if the displayboard is not working please check if this texture is displaying the 'murkudog' texture.


6. Now you should be able to peruse the online pictures pointed to by the urls in the 'setofurls' notcarde inside the displayBoard object by clicking on the arrows at the top.


Once the display board is working, you can access the pictures via the HUD directly. Just wear the HUDs, and you can shuffle through the pictures by clicking on the appropriate button.






Please click on the 'Detach All' button to detach all the attachments in one go.


You are advised to create a copy of the MURKU folder to keep as a 'fall back' copy.


The Comix Core is worn at the center and the central frame should not be moved.



I will be really very pleased if you could share your comic so that it can be included in our gallery section of the wiki. Please do not worry about creating full-blown comic books, just the results of your experimentations will suffice.

version 1.45


-Added a button which provides a short cut to the first (default) border (white square border)

-Introduced a displayboard which allows the display of any picture on the web as a background picture (either on directly on MURKU comix core HUD) or the displayboard itself

-Uses can create a list of urls pointing to pictures on the web in a notecard (found inside the displayboard object) and shuffle through either by clicking on appropriate buttons on the HUD or on the displayboard.

version 1.44


-Improved usability by (1) dropping functions rarely used, replacing by more meaningful ones (2) Making sure select operations are more intutive and disabling all automated selections (this was done to save clicks but ended up being confusing to users)

-Functions clarified:

1. 'unselect selected- unselects current selected object'

2. 'Reset selected' - brings back selected object to original state (this is useful right now because there is no UNDO function yet...it is coming)



version 1.43




-Improved reliability of placement of texthandles, soundfx and miscellaneous items on chat bubbles, thought bubbles and banners


-Various code optimizations.


-Making sure keyboard control is released when HUD is hidden, so that you don't remain stuck. In any case, if you are stuck and cannot move, click on unselect all to force a keyboard control release.


-Made all Huds modifiable so that you can now drag into the graphics element prims your own textures or replace existing ones. Only make sure that you name the textures numerically in ascending order (1,2,3,4 etc...).


version 1.42




-Shortcuts to allow graphics elements to be retrieved rapidly instead of having to check every possibility using the 'previous graphics' and 'next graphics' buttons.


Introduction of 'Jump to Graphics' and 'Jump to Border' buttons (clicking on the button displays the instructions needed).


-Introduction of 'library' access buttons. When clicked, loads the set of graphics for that particular category in the browser.


-Expanded graphics libraries.


version 1.41




Improved text handling. Now when you enter text for a text handle, clicking on the number of characters button at the top formats the text line automatically.


version 1.4




Changed layout so that MURKU is more friendly to a wider range of screen sizes


version 1.3




Added help message for showing and hiding HUDS


Added 'Detach all' function to detach all the attachments in one go


version 1.2




Improved RESET function so that all textures get reset to start state


Reduced number of textures required to be preloaded thanks to texture flipping functionality


Version 1.1




Added horizontal and vertical texture flipping functionality



Deep Semaphore.

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