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To do list

Page history last edited by vedrepublic@... 15 years ago

1. Write a 'how to' section explaining the steps for creating comics in SL. [done]

2. If need be, set up a forum for Murku users so that they get to collaborate and share.

3. Create a public library of graphics assets for Murku users to incorporate in their works.

4. Create a public library of poses rather than animations. It is far easier to work with poses because it one does not need to rush to take capture frames (unless slow motion mode is activated).

5. Create a library of objects to create simple scenes, e.g. office environment, bedroom environment, etc...

6. Lighting is an important aspect of photo shoots in SL so we will try to develop a few utilities that will help you light up your scene.

7. Replace element positioning dial- too clunky with single prim and use recent LSL's ability to detect exact touch location. [done]

8. Make graphics element match the size the text handler.

9. Add a alphabet/numbers group for graphics elements.

10. One button click to detach all attachments [done]

11. Help on how to hide HUDs [done]

12. Increase the number of texture options for 'double' and 'triple' chat bubbles, right now, there is only one texture for each category.

13. Make sure HUDs listen to owner only (people wearing HUDs side by side have issues....)

14. Implement overlap for graphics. Right now, only text is allowed to overlap bubbles though simple clicking.

15. Allow users upload their own graphics assets

Comments (2)

Damian Delacroix said

at 11:36 pm on Feb 17, 2009

May I offer up a request to be able to click a button and hide the HUD components? Might make it easier to keep the HUD attached and still see while you're moving around.

vedrepublic@... said

at 11:54 pm on Feb 17, 2009

Alt + Shift+ H may work, this shows and hide the HUD, try it and let me know if it works

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