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Share your tips to improve comics making using MURKU

1. Activate 'animation slowmotion' mode in your SL viewer to slowdown animations so that it becomes easier to capture pictures.

   A)  By default, the Second Life Viewer's Advanced menu is not visible. To display it:

  • PC - Ctrl+Alt+D
  • Mac - Ctrl+⌥ Alt+D

      On some operating systems, this shortcut's already taken by another application, so you'll need to hold down Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+D instead.

     (Source: Official Second Life Wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Advanced_menu )

   B)  Select CHARACTER from the ADVANCED drop down, and then in the sub-menu, select "Slow Motion Animations"

   C)  Repeat step B to return the animation speed to SL default when you are done using it.


2. When composing a comics frame, try to think about the size of the text in bubble during the capture step. A large frame with relatively small text is not recommended. Unfortunately LSL does not support variable text size at the moment. Another way to balance text size with graphics frame size is to work at a lower resolution. In Second Life, text appears relatively larger when the screen resolution is lowered.


3. Use Alt+Shift+H to show and hide the HUDs as needed



Example application domains

1. Product demonstraion

2. Giving a tour of your location in Second Life

3. Your personal interpretation of a Second Life event


Murku Etiquette

1. Respect privacy of others at all times, when capturing frames

2. Ask owners for the permission to capture images containing their creation if you feel, the creators don't want to share their content though pictures



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