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Known issues

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1. It appears that there is a rounding off issue manifesting when llGetLocalPos and llSetPos functions are being triggered in the HUD code. The problem is not serious enough to prevent reasonable positioning of the elements. This  issue manifests itself as follow: Moving graphics elements horizontally and then vertically or vice versa reveals that there is not a perfect 90 degree change in their direction of motion.

2. If you are using the HUD in a highly populated sim, the scripts will take some time to run, and the interaction with the HUD will be slow.

3. Of course the HUD will not function if the land you find yourself on does not allow scripts to run. 

4. Out of the box, the default layout gave me issues with my screen resolution (1280 x 958), even after aligning everything to fit within the "Section Labels" portion of the HUD.  Thanks to a modifiable version, I was able to manipulate the layout and make it fit my screen.  -Damian Delacroix

5. Sometimes clicking 'unselect all' to unselect objects does not release keyboard controls and the avatar can no longer navigate. This is an LSL issue. Temporary fix is to click 'unselect all' again.

6. At the moment, two avatars wearing HUDs will have the HUD communications interfere with each other. So unfortunately, if you are using the HUD make sure somebody else in the vicinity is not using it as well. A fix will involve a deep overhaul of all HUD communications.



The latest version fixes the problem described in 4.


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vedrepublic@... said

at 11:32 pm on Feb 17, 2009

Thanks a lot Damian, I will make sure I have a version for this resolution as well.

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