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How to use Murku

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Quick intstructions for version 2.0



Murku can only be used in Second Life for the time being. We plan to port it to Open Sim as soon as LSL is fully implemented on that platform.

So, if you do not have a Second Life account yet, get one.


Murku consists of 5 attachments. This is mainly to deal with the SL link limitation which prevents one to have more than 255 objects linked.

Each attachment is to be worn at positions indicated between brackets.


1. comix core (worn on top)

2. screencapture guide (worn on center 2) but this is optional, it's just there to help you get a good balance between text size and frame size (so that the text is big and easy to read).

3. comix menu (worn on top right)

4. section labels (worn on center)

5. behavior palette (worn on bottom right)


Sometimes a HUD can be inadvertently repositioned out of your viewing area, or was originally aligned at a different display resolution. If a HUD is not within your viewing when attatched, you'll need to Edit it and bring it back into view. To get a HUD Edit interface, right-click a HUD object and select "Edit" from the pie menu. This will highlight the HUD. Now, hold down alt and left-click the HUD, holding down, and pull the mouse towards you. This will zoom out and show you other HUD objects that may be off-screen. You can then click them and reposition them back within your field of view. Then, zoom back in with alt-click-drag again. If you don't have another HUD object to click on to get you started, create a basic prim block and attatch it to HUD and use that.


At present, we have a number of options to fix this situation. Either we make available a different version for all the possible resolution settings you may choose (unrealistic/disingeneous), or we show users how to shift the HUD positions as needed to fix it. There are also solutions based on some tricks to find the screen width and we plan to explore that in the future. HUDs worn at the center/top will not have any issues for all screen dimensions. You need to only adjust the positions of the behavior palette and comix menu. Right click on the attachments and select edit (after having made sure the position option is selected), left click on tips of arrows that appear to adjust position.


Attachments and their functions


Attachment Function
comix core Collection of graphic elements such as chat bubbles, sound fx, descriptive blocks
screencapture guide Just a guide to facilitate framing and cut/paste operations. You might not need it but it certainly helps to keep the size of the frames consitent
comix menu See here for detailed functionality
section labels Labels for the various sections
behavior palette

A tabbed HUD with meaningful groupings to facilitate the triggering of gestures

Using the behavior palette




Tutorial 1 Creating a simple comics frame

Tutorial 2 Using the behavior palette

Tutorial 3 Detailed explanation of the MURKU layout

Tutorial 4 Two main approaches for creating comics in MURKU



Keyboard control (IMPORTANT)

We advise that you use the manual positioning widget instead of the arrow keys because they force a camera change...if you can deal with the camera change in posn and orientation, then go ahead and use keyboard control.

Use arrow keys to move selected items.

Small increments- Arrow keys

Large increments (horizontal)- SHIFT + left or right arrow keys

Large increments (vertical) - Pg Up or Pg Dn

Please note that to navigate the avatar as usual, you need to make sure NO OBJECTS are selected. So before moving your avatar click on 'Unselect ALL'

Video tutorials

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